Hello and welcome

Once more I write hello.  Duffer that I am, I’ve lost my previous attempts to write this note.  At least in such crashes, there is no damage, only lost time and some peace of mind.

Hello and welcome.  Now steam rises outside the window from the pipe from the furnace — this warmth I am enjoying takes constant work.  Peace generally does.  Yesterday snow clung to the green bamboo fronds and an icicle hung from the gutter.  I found this observation worth mentioning and drew some thoughts from it.  But my notes are lost now. Today despite the sub-freezing temperatures, the snow and icicle are gone.  Any attempt at finding meaning would feel strained.  The sky between the bamboo fingers is a light blue.

On this site I plan to inform visitors of my art and works; to supply links and list events; and even occasionally sharing some thoughts.  Thank you for stopping by; I hope to make a return worthwhile.